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Built with nature

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do and the choices we make.


Built offsite in a modern workshop to exacting standards

The Studio is built entirely in a workshop as a single unit which offers several advantages. It means that we not only build efficiently but also with high precision that leads to a quality product that is energy efficient (no filling up gaps at a muddy building site!) and long-lasting. Manufacturing the studio as a product off-site also means that we can reduce material off cuts and recycle any waste. 


We only use the most ecological materials to make our planet happy

The foundation is made from galvanised steel ground screws that are 100% recyclable and re-usable. They also don’t disturb and damage the soil like concrete does. 

The main construction of the floor, walls, and roof is made from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) that comes with a huge range of benefits over traditional building materials such as concrete, bricks and steel. You may have heard of ‘carbon sequestration’ in the past and scratched your head as to what that really means. Well, there are fundamentally two ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere – either by reducing emissions, or by sequestering which is the capturing and storing of it. Wood is a wonderful material that can do both! 

To really blow your mind just think back to your biology days - remember photosynthesis? It is the amazing ability for trees to take CO2 out of the air and transform it into sugars which it needs to survive and grow. When a tree from a sustainable forest is used as a building material it continues to hold that carbon. This means that our Studios hold carbon within their very walls!

Our insulation is made from wood wool which is shredded timber compacted into sheets that have a high thermal performance that increases the energy efficiency of the Studio. Wood wool is not only ecological but also 100% recyclable. 

To find out more about the all the materials that make their way into the Studio, check out the tech specs


Easy to install and move in the future

Beyond the low impact our foundation system has on the land, installation is also fast. Most people forget that construction on a traditional building site is a tremendously inefficient and environmentally damaging process. The carbon footprint alone of bringing people, materials and machinery to a site to build from scratch is enough of a reason to avoid it. Worse even is the disturbance of peace to the environment by introducing unwanted noise for days if not weeks. 

Luckily our Studio foundations and installation can be completed in less than a day and are completely reversible.


Built tough to last longer than most brick and mortar buildings

We were very deliberate in our decisions to build the Studio as ecologically as possible but also immensely strong and durable. Our choice of materials means that the building will more than likely last 100 years in a variety of conditions and is as maintenance free as possible.


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